Scenario Planning in a Low Growth Environment - Why Regulatory Requirements Come Up Short

The world economy is based on an assumption of growth. Many insurance products utilize nominal rate guarantees. A low growth environment will have long lasting implications. This session will discuss drivers of low growth and possible solutions from a product and regulatory standpoint.

  • Date:Tuesday, March 10
  • Time:1:30 PM - 2:20 PM
  • Location:Oasis II
  • Session Type:Concurrent Session
  • Session Code:CS20
  • Audience Level:1
  • Learning Objective 1::Examine the likelihood of low economic growth.
  • Learning Objective 2::Identify possible product evolutions.
  • Learning Objective 3::Examine ways regulators come up short for this risk.
  • Moderator:David Paul
Max Rudolph
Rudolph Financial Consulting
David Ingram
Willis Towers Watson