Public Policy Risk Management

When developing a risk management process for governments, some risk areas should be treated different from that if addressed by the private sector. Examples given are policy and investments analysis relating to climate change risk. A recent paper on "Social Discounting" written by Sam Gutterman will be the basis for the information presented.

  • Date:Tuesday, March 10
  • Time:3:40 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Location:Coral
  • Session Type:Concurrent Session
  • Session Code:CS16
  • Audience Level:1
  • Learning Objective 1::Identify the key differences between public and private sector risk management
  • Learning Objective 2::Explain what is social discounting and how does it apply to a social cost-benefit analysis
  • Learning Objective 3::Recognize what social externalities and co-benefits are
  • Moderator:Sam Gutterman