Sim Segal


SimErgy Consulting

Sim Segal is president and founder of SimErgy Consulting, a firm headquartered in Manhattan specializing exclusively in ERM.

With 30+ years of experience in measuring and managing risk, Segal is a globally-recognized ERM pioneer, primarily for developing value-based ERM, an advanced yet practical approach synthesizing value-based management and ERM.

Segal is author of an ERM book published by Wiley entitled Corporate Value of Enterprise Risk Management, which is required reading on the syllabi of the SOA and leading universities around the world.

Segal is also the founder and director of the M.S. in ERM program at Columbia University, which is the #1 such program globally.

He formerly served as VP on the SOA Board of Directors and inaugural chair of their risk committee.

Segal is an FSA and CERA. He was one of 40 global ERM experts awarded the CERA for "thought leadership and significant contributions to advance the practice of ERM."

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