Timothy Paris

Chief Executive Officer

Ruark Consulting LLC
  • Industry:Life, annuity, pension

I am chief executive officer at Ruark Consulting LLC, which aims to be the platform and industry benchmark for principles-based insurance data analytics and risk management.

Fueled by data contributed each year from companies comprising over $1.1 trillion of variable and fixed indexed annuity current account values, Ruarkā€™s industry experience studies and customized dynamic behavioral model services provide clients actionable quantitative insights into complex and interrelated behaviors such as surrenders, partial withdrawals, annuitizations, and mortality, based on a combination of expert judgment and predictive modeling techniques. As a reinsurance broker, Ruark has placed and continues to administer dozens of bespoke treaties totaling over $1.5 billion of reinsurance premium and $30 billion of account value, and also offers reinsurance audit and administration services.

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